Send files from Windows- to Linux machine


hi all,

I have following scenario: on the Windows machine I have some files which I want copy/send them daily to the linux machine for example to create task scheduler, after I search in google I found winexe but some firwalls/antiviruses catch it, so its not working for me, I dont want use NetworkSharing.

Does anyone of you have any idea or suggestion?

Thanks in advance.

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You can use winscp for this. winscp comes with a greate command line tool which is scriptable.


Thanks for your answer, but I have to be active on the windows side, so I want automate this step.

So via task scheduler, I saw putty has also pscp.exe and I don’t how how Exactly I have to set the command line to run this…


Executing “pscp” gives you some information on the syntax so starting on the command line
pscp -p -pw <password> <user>@<host>:/etc/hosts .
will probably prompt if you want to store the key in your cache. Answering “y” the file will be copied from Linux to Windows.


winscp is for your windows side. You can create a batch script with this and create a scheduled task with your batch file.
If you look at my link and search for “Example” you get what you need. Beside a password you can use a key file.


thank you for your answer @Wolfgang & @marass.
Ill try both suggestions today and Ill write my feedback here…

@marass I didnot now that I can use winscp on the command line but this is also possible thank you both