Schedule Host Downtime with dependencies


(Daniel) #1

I have a question about downtimes and dependencies.
We have several nodes in our network that are temporarily offline for maintenance. For these nodes, dependencies are defined for the child hosts. So far so good.
But in order for the dependency to really take effect during a downtime, I have to manually select “Schedule (non-)triggered downtime for all child hosts” in “Child Hosts”, which my colleagues unfortunately often forget.
Why is this so? Does it sometimes make sense that a downtime should have no effect on child hosts?
Is there a way to set the dropdown “Child Hosts” as default to the value I need?
By setting [settings] hostdowntime_all_services = “1” in config.ini I could already set that the check mark for “All Services” is always set. This is also a field that my colleagues like to overlook.
Thanks for your help!