Run command icingacli-director remotely

(Shivank Malik) #1

Hello I am trying to use the icingacli-director command, but looks like it has to run on the agent to access icingacli. In my case, I am running IcingaWeb2 on different hosts which do not have Icinga installed. Is there a way to run this command remotely?

(Roland Sommer) #2

What about ssh? …

(Shivank Malik) #3

Yeah I can use by_ssh, but was wondering if we can somehow use the icingcli-director command as that will give us output as well.

(Ivan Punko) #4

Doesn’t API fit your needs?

(Shivank Malik) #5

The API works, but the command can run as a check in Icinga itself and notify if there is a problem.