RSS-Feed available?


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is there an RSS-Feed that you can use to get updates for a single category?
My Browser (Firefox 57) doesn’t show me any available feed.


(Michael Friedrich) #2

To my knowledge, this is not possible. There’s an open feature request for Discourse here:

Still, you can watch and subscribe to specific categories to receive (mail) notifications. Might to the trick as well.

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(Rafael Silva) #3

Like ?

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Yes, something like this.
But the rss-file works only for IE, or? Firefox and Chrome didn’t get it.

(Michael Friedrich) #5

Can you elaborate with a screenshot, how exactly browsers would fetch and highlight that? I have never used such.


This is an example from firefox:

2 “good” ones:



And here is the category (in this case icinga2) from monitoring-portal:


No feed that Firefox can find…

(Michael Friedrich) #7

Guess this applies to the URL above.

Can you try it with and e.g. the “bug” category? If it doesn’t work there, you’ll know about it for sure. You can ask on meta by yourself too.


Good idea, I can show you that it works on


(Michael Friedrich) #9

Interesting. I have zero knowledge about this, I’ll put it on my TODO list.

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(Rafael Silva) #10

Works just fine:

Discourse is a Single Page Application, so the rss feeds on the head are only rendered on the first page you land.

TL;DR: If you visit the home page, and then click on the Icinga category Firefox won’t find the rss. If you refresh or land directly on the category page it will.

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Wow, thanks. :heart_eyes:
That’s the solution I need.

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