this is a short heads up on the state of this platform:

After joining a new job as Developer Evangelist at GitLab, preventing personal burnout and leaving the Icinga project in March 2020, I’m retiring related projects, platforms and domains. This includes the Woltlab archive and the Discourse platform at

Life is an adventure, and I am grateful for the great times we had. Thanks for all your contributions!

Since I have made the promise to the previous maintainers to keep user’s data safe and secure (since 2005), there’s no ownership transfer this time. The site will remain online in “read only” state until end of August 2020. This should grant enough time to backup specific topics.


Edit 2020-06-23: A good friend of mine contacted me recently - @Carsten told me that he wants to take care about the archive. Which makes me happy because I trust him to do things right. During the next months, I’ll work with him on migrating the setup and keep data safe. If you want to go for your right to be forgotten (GDPR compliant), please do reach out to me. I’ll gladly try to help, but please keep in mind that this has low priority for me with my ongoing tasks.

You reach and follow me via Twitter DMs or LinkedIn.