"repository.d" oder "zones.d"


I’m already experimenting for a while with Icinga and I can not really decide between the two configuration options.
“repository.d” - let the master of the Icinga client pull the configuration, the client makes the checks for what is set on itself, the master regularly receives an update regardless of his check periods, after a while no update comes, the master asks for an update and then goes through its normal alarm cycle.
“zones.d” - let the master of the Icinga client push the configuration, the master asks the client after his check periods, exactly the same as a host configuration in conf.d only that the client carries out the check.

Which ones do you use and why?


Chris of arcanasoft

Hi there,

I guess the repository.d folder is used with bottom up configuration… which is now deprecated.
Have a look here : https://github.com/Icinga/icinga2/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
Especially this line :

#4799 (Cluster): Remove cluster/client mode "bottom up" w/ repository.d and node update-config

It certainly answers your question :smiley:




in version 2.8.0 the bottom up mode got removed, you can’tt use it anymore with version 2.8.0+. Have a read here in the upgrade documentation.

If you are currently experimenting with a new setup use the top down mode with zones.d.

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Thanks for the replays. It helped me a lot.

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