Receive livestatus information of slave hosts with master


Hi everyone,

we are using check_mk 1.5.0p2 with a master - slave architecture. Now I would like to receive information of hosts which are monitored of a slave with the master’s livestatus. I receive already the host information of hosts monitored by the master, but not the slaves. It is not possilbe for me to connect to the slave’s livestatus directly. Is there a way to achieve this so that the master livestatus works like a proxy and offers data of hosts monitored by a slave?

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(Philipp Näther) #2

If you would monitor the slave’s hosts via the master’s livestatus - you would’nt need a slave. That’s the point of using slaves.

But that is needed in order to set up a distributed monitoring. And why do you write you have a “master - slave architecture” when you can’t connect to your slaves. You only have multiple cmk instances then.

In the normal distributed setup it works like that. Your master site connects via tcp to the livestatus of the slaves and collects the info. So the master site IS the proxy, combining all information of your master and slave sites in one GUI.


Sorry, I think I forgot to add some more information, you missunderstood me totally. The master is of course connected to the slaves via livestatus, a normal master slave architecture with config push and so on. I need to receive the information from another server which has nothing to do with check_mk. This server connects to the livestatus socket on port 6557 of the master, sends a query and receives the information of the master’s hosts which works perfectly fine.
Now the problem is that this specific server can only access the livestatus socket of my master site, not the slaves directly. But I also need to receive the data of the hosts which are monitored by slaves. Now my question is if it is possible to connect to the master’s livestatus socket and receive information of hosts which are monitored by slaves.
Sorry for the confustion, I hope the problem is clearer now.
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(Philipp Näther) #4

Ok now I understand. But I do not know if that is possible. I believe not, but please write to the cmk mailing list. Maybe somebody can help you there.