Query to get the list of the hosts/services monitored by a souce



Is it possible to query to get the list of the hosts/services monitored by a source ( Icinga2 in my case ) from Thruk?



Not sure what you mean exactly, querying hosts and services from a source like icinga2 is the hole point of thruk. So sure, this is of course possible.


I’ve a few Icinga data sources setup in Thruk. I was wondering if I could pull the hosts/services status of one of the sources from Thruk UI



Please be more specific with your question. Of course you can retrieve the hosts and service states for one source. If you have multiple datasources, you can toggle them via the green buttons on top of the page. If you want to access the data from a script, you can use the &backend=… url parameter to set a specific backend to get data from.


I think the use of &backend= in the URL might help but not sure how to use it. Can you please advise on its use?
Actually I want to pull the hosts/services ( with detailed view ) currently being monitored by an Icinga source using the Thurk.


I still have no idea what you want to achieve, can you ellaborate in detail what you are trying to do?


When you get the detailed status of an host/service, you get “Monitored by”. I want to pull the status info of all the hosts/services being monitored by a specific “Monitored by” source from Thruk.



try the follow thing:

  1. click on edit columns:


  1. activate the “site” Option:



When having multiple backends connected, you can switch them on/off with these buttons:

So simply select the ones you like.