Python2 error with omd user


Hi All!

I’ve written a python script that pulls some data using the google sheet API.
The script works fine as any user other than the omd/site user.

The problem lies with a python module called “pyasn1”. I need pyasn1 v4-5 installed but cant seem to install it using the poc user.

user1@server:/$ pip list | grep pyasn
pyasn1 (0.4.2)
pyasn1-modules (0.2.2)
OMD[poc]:~$ pip list | grep pyasn
pyasn1 (0.2.3)
pyasn1-modules (0.2.2)

For some reason I can’t get a newer version of pyasn1 installed as “poc”. I’ve tried removing and reinstalling with pip/apt and I’ve tried creating a virtualenv, but for some reason the virtualenv inherits pyasn1 (0.2.3) instead of having a blank virtualenv.

Any ideas? Really stuck on this one.

(Sven Nierlein) #2

OMD presets the PYTHONPATH variable and OMD is prepared to locally install python modules. If this somehow conflicts with your plans, you can simply unset the PYTHONPATH globally or for this specific check/script.