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hi all,

afaik there is no way to send “File” or “Text” via Puppet agent.
Can Puppet agent send informations to the server (text or file)?

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(Michael Friedrich) #2

Sure, you’d need to declare the file resource type and its source and destination location. The compiled catalog is synced to the agent, including that file content. You can even use ERB templates.
It isn’t “live” though but depends on the puppet agent run interval. AFAIK there’s Puppet’s Bolt as task runner for the rescue here, haven’t tried this though.

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Thanks for you answer @dnsmichi,

You mean the agent can send files/text to the server ?

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Ah crap, I didn’t read it properly. Doing too many things at the same time today.

You can sync facts from the agent to the puppet master, by using the built-in ones or by writing custom fact providers and scripts. There’s not really a way to sync an entire file to my knowledge though.

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same here :slight_smile:

I wrote already a custom fact but I cant send a big blob with it. and thats what Im looking for.

thank you again

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Puppet is not designed for such a thing, you’d likely need your own transport method (SSH, etc.) to sync such things the other way around.

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thats correct what you say.

Ill leave it :slight_smile:

thank you again