Puppet icingaweb2 question

(Pascal den Bekker) #1


we are using:

  • puppet5
  • icingaweb2 puppet module (2.0.0)

Its concerning the icingaweb2 vhost. I rebuilt our puppet icingaweb2 profile, so that the vhost and apache settings are being installed/configured via a central puppet apache profile. So all the settings (also the vhost) are in hiera.

Now for some reason icingaweb2 wants to create an icingaweb2.conf in

  • /etc/apache2/conf-available

How can I disable that ? I know there was an option in the older icingaweb2 puppet module (1.0.6) called

  • manage_vhost

But in 2.0.0 I cannot find it anymore ?

Can someone help me please ?

kind regards,

Pascal den Bekker

(Michael Friedrich) #2

That’s coming from the package install itself. Your profile might put a file resource with ensure => absent and place the corresponding apache::vhost setting as dependency.