Problems with Nagvis after Update to Check_MK 1.5.0.p18



I recently updated a check_mk Raw edition from 1.2.8 to 1.5.0 and something broke my nagvis installation. After the update the nagvis-snapin shows the error-message “Error: Unknown value auth_secret_file used in section backend_SITENAME_bi in main configuration file”.
What I already tried was:

  • create a new user “automation” with a secret in WATO --> file was created but error still appears
  • uncomment the whole section backend_SITENAME_bi --> new Error: “Error:Call to undefined function get_folder_permissions()”

Any ideas how to fix this? I don´t youse BI-features in Check_MK so maybe it´s not so important to use it as backend.

Best Regards