Problem with NRPE command via Wato



i have a problem with check_oracle_health which i want to call via NRPE. The configuration is done via WATO:

check_nrpe -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -c check_oracle_health -a “–environment ORACLE_HOME=/vg01lv00/oracle/12.1.0 --method sqlplus --connect XXXX --user Username --password secretpassword --mode sql --name “select count(*) from XXXXXXXXXX.ENTITY_VERSION_TRANS_DATA td where td.trans_data_status_id = ‘pending’” --name2 count -w 10 -c 20”

this seems not to be working because i get (null) as answer. Problem seems to be the double quotes two times.

Any ideas?



dont need an an answer here because i switched to check_mks WATO possibility to SQL query an oracle db.