Problem parameter for check nscp-local-uptime

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what is the correct syntax for the argument if i want to change both critical and warning
nscp_arguments -> crit=uptime<1h works!
nscp_arguments -> warn=uptime<4h works!

nscp_arguments -> crit=uptime<1h warn=uptime<4h not works



According to the NSClient docs it should work like that :man_shrugging:

Maybe try switching the positions of crit and warn :smiley:

have you tried running the check from the command line?

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From command line is the check ok.
the problem is the definition in icinga director.



Have you configured the nscp_arguments field as an array type?
If not change it to array and put both crit and warn into their own array field.
Similar to the nrpe_arguemnts field:

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Hallo log1c,

Thanks, type -> Array -> perfekt.