Pnp4nagios stopped working - no graphs anymore

(Overlord) #1

Hey guys

Today I saw, that our check_mk stopped working to collect or to show the graphs since 14. Oct. There’s a cut until today. Also I have some issues with some check which checked at least at the same date and time (14.10.19 - 15:00:02). I can’t determine what’s happened at this time. Any ideas how I can get it?

Check_MK version is 1.5.0p22 with Debian 9.


Installed a fresh new Linux system with check_mk and restored the backup. And even in the fresh new installed system (with the old backup) the pnp4nagios/rrd graphs are not working.

Is there any possibility to the somewhere in the system what went wrong?

Edit 2
The check interval is 60/60 but " The time of the next scheduled service check 15 m in the past!"


As I don’t have CheckMK only something general:
Objects are monitored and in most cases produce performance data. Based on your setup there are several ways this data is passed to PNP. Probably there is a module being defined in nagios.cfg which is not running.
There should be log files which might help.

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I found the solution. Some of my colleagues changed a rule from a subfolder to the main folder - without any condition. So all checks have an check interval of one day.

After repairing this I had an another problem with stuck checks - but after retrying all manually it is workin again like a charm.

Thanks for help^^


P.s I checked at least the Audit log to see the changes at the day when pnp4nagios stopped working