Pnp4nagios not showing any graphs for check_disk-based services




we use the following setup:

icinga2: 2.8.2-1
icingaweb2: 2.5.1
icinga2 pnp-module: 1.1.0
pnp2nagios: 0.6.25
os: RHEL7

Pnp4nagios fails to show graphs for all check_disk-based checks.
Graphing for any other check works fine :crazy_face:

Here an example for the missing graphs:

When I click on “Lade…” the following error message appears:


The checks are defined like this:

vars.disks[“disk /var/lib/pnp4nagios”] = {
disk_partitions = “/var/lib/pnp4nagios”

I tried to delete check_disk-metrics but the problem persists.
Do you have any idea what i should do to solve this Problem?

Thanks in advance


The performance data is invalid as every value has an UOM. Details can be found here.

I wonder which plugin you use.


The plugin which I use is “check_disk”, which is part of the itl.

I think the UOM after each value is a visualisation thing of the Icinga2 pnp-module (I forgot to mention it before. v1.1.0 is used).

Example output of the memory check on the same machine:

When I look at the perfdata inside the xml file (disk__var_lib_pnp4nagios.xml) the format seems valid:

<NAGIOS_PERFDATA>/var/lib/pnp4nagios=159418MB;245680;276390;0;307100 </NAGIOS_PERFDATA>


Yes, indeed, sorry.

Please check which template is used (XML-file: <TEMPLATE>???</TEMPLATE>)


The disk-template is used.


The hint with the template brought me on the right track.
This is a known bug in php4nagios 0.6.25 which is already fixed:

Thanks for your help!