Pnp4nagios Logs Restore

Hi Team,

I have migrated my nagios core 4.4.2 server to another machine with nagios core latest version, I have restored nagios previous logs to new server. How I restore pnp4nagios logs ? I also integrated pnp4nagios with grafana server.


To my knowledge the PNP4Nagios log files are flat text files so copying them from one location to another should be all there is to do. Do you mean data files instead?

I mean to say logs files which are capable to show previous graphs history. Also let me know which logs file I have to copy to new server ?

That depends on the mode and settings of PNP4Nagios.

Sorry, but the PNP log files are just doing that: logging which files are processed and some additional text, AFAIK they don’t contain information when which metric data came in and (if they do) noone will try to recreate rrd files based on these log files.

You might want to take a look at the PNP documentation for a short description on “storage”.