pfSense 2.4.3 SNMP Checks

Hi community,
we are currently using check_mk as our monitoring software, and want to implement pfSense-Firewalls (v 2.4.3) in our stocks. We want to use the SNMP protocol for monitoring.
I have tested the snmp-configuration we use and get data over snmpwalk, a lot of OIDs and information. When we look for Services though we can’t get any. But also no error.
I tried the same with the Monitoring-Board, where we can choose a protocol and have to configure the snmp-communtiy. There we get information and they show up under the Services-Site with Status “OK” and “Pend” but under the Monitoring-Status Site we cant get any Data of the Interfaces or else. I know that harddrive, cpu-usage and memory can only be check with the agent installed on the device but interfaces should be monitored without any agent installed.

Has anyone the same issue or found a workaround?

check_mk: 1.4.0p33.cee

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Hey MaKy
Do you have a solution now?