Performance and event data storage / Reporting


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Where is the performance and event data stored for hosts and services?

I have enabled pnp4nagios and am aware of .rrd and .xml files that are being stored which are responsible for my pretty graphs.

I am however not sure if this is where all the nagios perf data is stored. For example where is the availability report data being stored?

I need to create some custom reports which the thruk front end does not accommodate for. I am thinking of shipping the data into an ELK stack, but the .RRD format seems to be a bit unforgiving. Should I store this data into MySQL as well and then ship into a reporting tool?

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(Sven Nierlein) #2

Performance data is stored in rrd files when using pnp4nagios or can also be stored in a tsdb like influxdb in combination with grafana.
Eventdata is stored in logfiles and availability reports are calculated based on those files. The calculated availability data from the Thruk reports can be exported as csv or json for further processing.