Passive checks from node, via satellite to master


I’m struggle again with passive checks. All works, if I can communicate directly with the master. I assume, its because, if I create the service, then the check_source is the master itself. If I try to submit the passive result, I have to use the satellite, but the satellite says: “No objects found”. I assume, it does not work, because the satellite does not know the node and the service.
I’m pretty sure, that it was working 1 or 2 years ago :slight_smile:
So, how to submit the passive data, without have direct access to the master ?

  • Icinga2 version: 2.11.3-1.stretch

cu denny


found the issue: we have to submit the correct zone, while creating the service. So we create the service on the master, but with the zone from the satellite. After the service appears under the node, I was able to submit the passive data to the satellite.