Panorama performance bar : choose perfdata source

(Arcrevich) #1

Hi all,
I have a good working panorama setup with a lot of beatiful maps.
Now a customer requires the ultra detailed map of his core switch, with the status icons of the 48 ports, plus 2 performance bars per port ( bandwith in and out ).
The ports of the switch are monitored with check_nwc_health embedded plugin, --mode interface-usage , which produces 4 named perfdata fields.
The arrow plugin let me choose the perfdata field to visualize, while the performancebar does not ( at least, not in the 2.90 version ) but it show only the status ( ok / not ok ) , not the performance value.
Do you have suggestions ? Does the perfbar can select his perfdata source in newer releases ( 3.10 ? ) .
Send the customer to Helen Fry is not an option…

(Sven Nierlein) #2

Could you please create a feature request on github? Then it won’t get lost.

(Arcrevich) #3

I apologize for the delay.