Override error messages and discard or change menu popup external

(Jean-Malo Beaujour) #1

We are looking to make some changes in thruk UI without change thruk code.

  • overriding error messages from error.pm such as 'You are requesting to execute an unknown command. Shame on you!
  • discard popup menu for external command (we use action_menus) on service or host.
  • only present external command 7 and 96 (reschedule check) in popup external command. Like in host or service detail. We use disabled or enabled command in thruk_local.conf by User or Group.

thanks for help

(Sven Nierlein) #2

The external command popup only shows the commands you are allowed to run, so changing this by command_disabled or command_enabled hides the remaining ones. With the cmd_quick_status list you can even hide commands which you are allowed to run. If you are not allowed to run any command, then the popup is not displayed at all.
Overriding the error message is not possible right now but might be a good idea.