OS: windows, Missing agent sections: cpu



I have suddenly a problem with windows check_mk agent. Since yesterday I keep getting the following Warning:
WARN - [agent] Version: 1.4.0p19, OS: windows, Missing agent sections: cpu, execution time 0.4 sec
This affect all the Windows machine we are monitoring. We are running check_mk 1.5.0p7 in a testing environment.
Actually we have two monitoring systems, 1.4.p019 which will be replaced with the newer one, that is why we still have to keep the oder version of the agent, until we can switch to the new server and turn off the old one.
The new master and the slaves are running effectively for a week now without further issues, just since yesterday as I said this warning appears out of no where.
Is there any way to fix this warning without updating the agents? because obviously it was OK for six days and suddenly not!



did you try to run check_mk_agent.exe file output.txt ? On the Windows machine ? and check if its there,
try to run

cmk -d machinename on the Check_MK Server as Site User check for the Section
cmk -vII machinename on the Check_MK Server as Site User

(Philipp Näther) #3

There was a werk in 1.5.0 where they updated handling of the wmi_cpu item which is incompatible. It probably worked for a while because the host got some cached data or used an old precompiled check file. I guess you have to deal with this error until you can update your agents.
Try to update one agent on a not so critical windows server to 1.5.x for testing purposes.


@Neeloj : nothing helped here, I delted the host and the perfdata, reinventory the host, but the Warning is still there. The output.txt is empty.

@TheLucKy: I updated the agent on one Windows server 2012 to 1.5.0p7 thw Warning is now:
WARN - [agent] Version: 1.5.0p7, OS: windows, Missing agent sections: cpu, execution time 0.4 sec
The old check_mk 1.4.0p19 is showing all OK.


I think you did it in wrong way!

  1. Open CMD then change to: cd “C:\Program Files (x86)\check_mk”
  2. run this command: check_mk_agent.exe file output.txt

you have to see some output there :slight_smile:


@Neeloj: OK, got it, sorry I am a Windows lame. Any way, there is only one line contains cpu: <<<wmi_cpuload:sep(44)>>> it doesn’t seem to be the section which is missing.


so if you only see one line then there is something worng… because on server side the checks will catch the header and work with proccess if this is not there you will get Warn Or Crit.

you have to see something like:


Maybe its an issue like @TheLucKy said.

(Philipp Näther) #8

If you go on the service discover page of the host, are there services within the category “vanished services”? If yes, which check plugin does it show in the last column?


@Neeloj: you are right. There you got:



No vanished services, here is a screenshot:

(Philipp Näther) #11

Delete the manual check for number of threads and I think you’re fine…


That’s it! The manual check of the threads is for each data center. I just ignored the tag windows and it was gone.
Thanks Philipp.