Omd-labs-edition - view in the future

only a few questions, i did’nt found anything about :

When will the next OMD-Labs-Edition appear ?
Is it with check_mk and if yes, which version ?
Is it also for slep 11sp3 or not ?


The website says:

There is usually one stable release every 6 months. Every day there are nightly builds with the latest changes.

No, there will be no sles11sp3 build anymore, sles11sp4 is the latest sles11 version we have. Check_mk hasn’t been updated afaik. There will be a release soon. The plan says september… i don’t think we can hold that, but “soon”.

I suspected this.
In March 2018, omd-Labs.2.70 was for sles11sp3, but the nightly builds starts at sles11sp4.
Is it possible to implement check_mk 1.4.0 (old stable) or 1.5.0 or is it too much work.
Will check_Mk and omd-Labs separate on the whole line in future.


CMK and OMD-Labs separated already. See
OMD-Labs still contains CMK but it is unmaintained at release 1.2.8p20. I have no idea how much work this is, but pull requests are welcome.

Hei SNI,

thx for your answers.