OMD Labs a beginners Question

(Peter) #1


I’m just looking for the right monitoring solution .

That’s where I came across OMD Labs.

Installation was not a problem.

But is there documentation somewhere, such as creating new hosts?

Which Windows agent do I use? NSClient, Check_mk yes no?

Maybe someone can give me a little hint with which Dokumentation i should use.




OMD Labs is a “collection” of products used for tasks around monitoring. You can choose among several monitoring cores, GUIs and graphing tools.
There are a few basic commands for OMD and some other hints.
For the other components you have to look at the documentation of the specific product.

(Peter) #3

Hallo Wolfgang,

thank you for the fast answer.
The thruk GUI ist the preferred gui i think, isn’t it?

(Sven Nierlein) #4

it is the main gui for omd-labs, right. Not necessarily the best one for your needs. Also cmk will be removed from omd-labs with the next release (there is a thread regarding that somewhere). If you want to go that way, omd-labs is probably not the right tool collection.

(Peter) #5

Hallo Sven,

cmk…they habe there own way know …
I want a pure open source solution.
I was confused but know i think naemon and thruk is the best solution for me.
Thank you very much.