OMD in larger environments... suggestions wanted

(Heino Walther) #1

Hi there,
I am currently using OMD 2.x with 10 decentral monitoring servers all running their own OMD 2.x setup.
I’m not using Check_MK, but instead Nconf to manage the configuration of nagios… And I use Livestatus to “push” status back to one central OMD 2.x server… This setup has been working great for about 5 years now, and I am to upgrade OMD to 3.x and switch from Nconf to NagioSQL.
This is all triggered by the fact that OMD 3.x has replaced nagios with naemon, which causes issues because Nconf can sometimes add unused definitions into the configuration files, which nagios igones, but naemon doesn’t like it at all :slight_smile:

Anyway, on a new setup I have already upgraded to OMD 3.x and I have really tried to give the Thruk “configuration manager” a chance, but I think it has way too many shortfalls which I will not even mention here :slight_smile:

The big question is if anyone has even attempted to get NagioSQL working together with OMD 3.x?
And has the OMD team considered adding NagioSQL to the suite? It seems to be the only alternative as Nconf has become very old :slight_smile:

(Sven Nierlein) #2

We are either using config generators or the thruk config tool. Or a combination of both. As Thruk author i really would be interested in the issues with the thruk config tool. A separate thread would be ok if you thinkg this is too off topic.

(Heino Walther) #3

The option to create and alter your configuration from inside Thruk (Config Tool->Object Configuration) works as expected, but when your setup gets somewhat large, it sadly becomes a pain to work with :slight_smile:
This is the main reason I’m not using it. But also because I have several de-central servers running with OMD, it makes sense for me to use NagioSQL which allows a central configuration with the option to push your config out via FTP or SSH.

And after some testing I have actually managed to get NagioSQL working inside OMD 3.0 with naemon without too much hacking…
Basically I just created a site inside /omd/sites/mysite/shared/nagiosql and added a basic site inside apache.
I enable the OMD option for the MySQL server, and use that with NagioSQL.
For the nagios.cfg I use what OMD is creating: /omd/sites/mysite/tmp/naemon/naemon.cfg
I then basically imported all the existing configuration into NagioSQL, deleted all the files from ~/etc/naemon/conf.d/ and made NagioSQL create it’s configuration here.
NagioSQL the writes the changes, and sends a reload signal to naemon via the /tmp/run/naemon.cmd
And it seems to work fine…

Only thing is that if you were to change the configuration from inside Thruk Opject Configuration, it will be overwritten my NagioSQL. Which is acceptable to me.

When upgrading OMD I will have to remember to move some files over manually, just as I did when using Nconf.

But it would sure be great if NagioSQL were included as an option in OMD :wink:

(gerhardg) #4

do you have a central cmdb or similar tool? then take a look into coshsh