OMD 2.81 on Debian9 won't startup completely

Hi Guys,

i tried to transfer an old OMD Installation (running since 2015) to Debian9 the last days, i can startup it but omd start, but it doesn’t come up on its own complete - for example apache and mysql service are stopped after restart. Do i have to set some further settings to make it run or do i need to reconfigure omd for debian 9?


How did you transfer the site? If its a new machine, you should use omd backup on the old machine and omd restore on the new machine. See for some details.

Hello Sven,

so i did. But error stil exists - i have to manually start in after reboot to get every Service running.

Can you add this line to /etc/init.d/omd

# Should-Start:      $network $remote_fs ntpdate

like we did in:
This should ensure, that networking and remote filesystems do exist before trying to start omd.

Hello Sven,

thank you.

I think i’ve found the point - i don’t have the file /etc/init.d/omd neither under system user ENV nor omd user’s

But how does OMD start then?

its version specific on debian and ubuntu, so there should be at least on /etc/init.d/omd*