OMD 1.6 behind Reverse Proxy

(Ralf Haase) #1

Hi there,

i have a little home server and try to monitoring this behind the reverse proxy function with LetsEncrypt Certs and apache. This is done with a set of apache subdomains and works fine for my matrix synapse homeserver and other services.

Now i try to do this with OMD 1.6.0p3. After Download, install and config my omd site everything is fine via curl at “myOMDdomain”

The second step is to setup a working LE environment. I create a apache subdomain, get a Cert and redirect all traffic to the new encrypted subdomain aafter restarting apache. So, the site
“myomddomain”.“myFQDN” works well.

The next - and difficult - step is to set the proxy redirect policy in the apache vhost def. I try this (only the relevant part …)

SSL ProxyEngine On
ProxyPassMatch (.*)(/websocket)$ “ws://$1$2”
ProxyPass / “
ProxyPassreverse / “

and restart the apache server.

Now, calling


brings me to the login site from my OMD instance with request the user / password to login my new site.
But after doing this, the follow error appears:


Not Found
The requested URL was not found on this server

Mmmmmh. What is wrong here?