Nwc health check on nagios

Hi @ all,

im new here :slight_smile: Im installing an Nagios on my Raspberry Pi.

I´m using Nagioscore Version 4.4.6.
I installed Nagios and nagiostools.

At least i installed check_nwc_health and copied the file to /usr/local/nagios/libexec

I´m able to use check_nwc_health by console.

But i don`t know where i have to write the commands for nagios.

i would like to check my Fritz!Box by Nagios (Bandwidth, Uptime etc…) by for example the following command:

./check_nwc_health --hostname --port 49000 --mode interface-usage --name WAN --community geheim

If i use this command by console, then it works.

But where do i have to write it into nagios?

I Googled and tried very much the last 2 weeks…

I need some help :slight_smile:

Greets Julian

… and sorry for my english :smiley: