NRPE deprecated in favour of NCPA

As stated in a topic in the Nagios forums NRPE is to be deprecated and “replaced” with NCPA.
I now have a question regarding pnp4nagios in this context.
With NRPE the check command mostly looked like this:

check_command check_nrpe!check_network!-i enp2s0f0

and then we have the following in /etc/pnp4nagios/check_commands/check_nrpe.cfg:

# Adapt the Template if check_command should not be the PNP Template
# check_command check_nrpe!check_network
# ________0__________|             |
# ________1________________________|
# User ARG1

(or some variant thereof) which then control which pnp4nagios template get used.
In our case it would be:


How can we achieve the same thing using NCPA where the same check command would look something like this:

check_command check_ncpa!-M interface/enp2s0f0

Any suggestions?



Looking at the pnp4nagios documentation you’ll see how the arguments can be used to form the template name. I’d expect that “-M interface” is not usable so splitting the argument “-M interface” into two arguments might look like this:
check_command check_ncpa!-M!interface!enp2s0f0
resulting in check_ncpa_interface.php.
I haven’t tested the above but the examples from the documentation tend to back my assumptions.

Yes, I have also been thinking along those lines.
I have also tested it and it works as expected.
In 90% of the cases this would work.
For the other 10% I will probably do some “specialized” checks (check_ncpa_xyz).

Thanks for your time & Regards,