hi all,

I use now Notifications so I have some questions about it.
I dont want use Maximum number of check attempts… or Retry check interval… I use only Delay host/service notifications so I can delay the sending notifications for X-min. I set that to 5min

When service change state from OK to WARN it will wait for 5min if its still WARN it send an email… what will after that happens ? does Check_MK send me after that every min an email or I can manage that too ?

thanks in advance

(Philipp Näther) #2

If you do not have “perodic notifications” enabled it will only send 1 notification.

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That’s right thanks for your answer.
So it’s better to add periodic notification too?

That mean I should combine those too always ?

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Totally depends on you and the service you want to check. I do not use periodic notifications at all. But if you want to get periodic emails for a very critical service, go for it.

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Ah okay…

I want Check the service every 30min… and if it’s warn/chit send an email.

Maximum number of check attempts: 31
Normal check interval…: 1 default value
Retry check interval…5

Does this will work ?

Or can you explain above three points a little bit better please


(Philipp Näther) #6

If you only want to check it every 30 minutes if it is in a normal state, then you have to set the normal check interval to 30 minutes.

Maximum number of check attempts is used if the service/host gets in a non-normal state. It determines the number of checks before the host/service gets from soft to a hard state. Notifications are only triggered on hard states of services/hosts.

Retry check interval is the time the system lets get past between the check attempts in case of a soft state.

In your example there it would look like this:

It gets checked every minute. In case of a state change it tries 31 times to check if the service/host state can be considered as hard. The interval for the attempts are 5 minutes. So in the worst case about 185 minutes will past before you get a notification.

I do not believe you want that :smiley:

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Thank you so much for your answer…
I’ll test that and write my feedback here :slight_smile: