Notifications state

Hi all,

I dont want send all states as notification, I want send only those:
and not RECOVERY Notifications, is that possible if yes how?

Thanks in advance


For rule based notifications you use the conditions “match service/host event type” in the rule.

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thanks for your answer @TheLucKy

Excatly what I want.

Related question pelase:
I can clone the “default” rule and modify it, how can I assign that to a user ?
Is that possible ?


You can make a copy of it in the rule overview by clicking the icon.

Within the rule, at the section “contact selection” you have multiple ways to assign the rule to different contacts.

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thank you so much…

if in Contact Selection when I chose a contact group so only this rule will assign to the contact group… and the default rule will be ignored for this contact group, right ?

No. Notification rules are called in series (from top to bottom). So if your contact is defined in both rules, he will get two mails.

Check out the docs about rule based notifications in cmk:

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thank you so much :slight_smile: