NotificationCommand to icingaweb display

Hi folks,
I’m implementing a new icinga2 setup and in the notificationcommand I’d like to pass an env variable that will allow me to generate icingaweb2 url direct to the notification.

In icingaweb2 if I choose “History” > “Notifications” I get a list of all notifications. To view one I click on it and the url shown is:

So the id is specific to this notification. Where/how do I get that ID and pass it in my NotificationCommand as I cannot find it in an environmental variable or value that I’ve searched for?

i.e. I want to add it to:

env = {
NOTIFICATIONTYPE = “$notification.type$”
HOSTALIAS = “$host.display_name$”
HOSTADDRESS = “$address$”
SERVICESTATE = “$service.state$”
LONGDATETIME = “$icinga.long_date_time$”
SERVICEOUTPUT = “$service.output$”
NOTIFICATIONCOMMENT = “$notification.comment$”
HOSTDISPLAYNAME = “$host.display_name$”
SERVICEDISPLAYNAME = “$service.display_name$”
NOTES = “$service.notes$”

Thank you