(Tobias Grossmann) #1

Hello people, how do I configure the following:
I have several servers behind a router hang, if the router fails and the servers are also unreachable, then I would just like to have a message about the router failure.

(Philipp Näther) #2

Add your router as host to your monitoring and set all hosts behind as children of the router host.

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(Tobias Grossmann) #3

thanx!!! :slight_smile:

(Alex) #4

Please review the the documentation about the dependency object. Using the dependency object you can control if notifications or checks execute when the dependent parent host object is in a UP / DOWN state or the service object is in a OK / WARNING / CRITICAL / UNKNOWN state.

(Tobias Grossmann) #5

In case of a failure of the gateway switch, I still get mails to the hosts behind(with the switch as the parent) this switch.
have I misunderstood something or is there still a global attitude that I have overlooked?
regards, tobias