Notification without rule


Hello everybody,

I currently have the problem, I get emails without a rule.

I have successfully set up postfix on the Check_mk server.
Test emails was successful.

However, I get emails if I have not set up a rule.
I receive emails from the OMD site.
I just want to get emails with a rule.

Does somebody has any idea?

Thank you.


(Philipp Näther) #2

Are you sure you have no rule? On new installations there is a default rule that notifies all contacts of affected hosts/services.
Additionally there could be a fallback address set in the global settings or you checked “receive fallback notifications” in the user settings.



yes iam sure, see the Screenshot:

In the user settings is the following option disabled:

Only in the global setting is the fallback notification enabled.


(Philipp Näther) #4

So the system sends messages to this fallback address in case there is no rule or no rules apply to occuring events.


If i want to send emails only via rules then must fallback in the global settings be disabled?


(Philipp Näther) #6

I recommend to leave the fallback setting enabled. So in case no rule applies (maybe because you forgot some contacts or misconfigured anything) at least someone gets a notification.
Then built your rules. The system only sends a mail to the fallback address if no rule applies. So you won’t get duplicate notifications if your notifications rules are configured correctly.


Thank you for your help.



I’m just testing.
I have disabled email fallback for the test in the global settings.
Then I created a rule:

If I manually set the service status to Crit


then I do not see that in the notification menu.

Is that correct?
How can I test a rule otherwise?



All good.
The one who can read is in advantage.

Thank you