Notification RSS-Feed

(Volker A Mönch) #1

I would like to offer the notification as an RSS feed. Has anyone done this yet?

(Philipp Näther) #2

Write a notification script that creates an rss feed in xml. The layout is pretty simple:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<rss version="2.0">
<title>Feed name</title>
<description>Feed description</description>
<description>article description or full article</description>

Just fill it with the information of your choice and let the script save a xml file to a location you are able to access externally (e.g. htdocs of the cmk site).

Pretty straight forward.

(Volker A Mönch) #3

Hi Phillip,

yes, very simple, thx. But at least in Outlook not fast enough. I will stay with e-mail and try to filter the status mails in the archive (Mailstore).


(Philipp Näther) #4

What does that mean exactly?

(Volker A Mönch) #5

My tests were published much too late in the RSS feed. Or not at all.

(Philipp Näther) #6

But that’s not caused by cmk right? I mean the “poll rate” is done via client software that accesses the rss file if I am not mistaken.
If any post here was sufficient enough to help you, mark one as solution please.

(Volker A Mönch) #7

Sorry. Yes, that’s not a CMK issue.