Notification problems "Validation failed for object.."

(Andre) #1

Hello community,

now my icinga2 with director is runing, but I have big problems with notifications. This ist the error:

This is the notification_template:


At the moment I have no idea what the problem is

Icinga2 : r2.10-5-1
Web : 2.7.0
os : Ubuntu 18.04.1

(Aflatto) #2

Did you disable the "include_dir = conf.d " directive in the icinga.conf file ?

These definitions are located in that directory, and needed for that command to render, make sure to include the files needed and check again.

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(Marcel Fliegel) #3

Hey Andre,

I agree with @aflato.
Your NotificationCommand Object is defined in <icinga2dir>/conf.d/commands.conf by default. If you want to include the hole directory recursively, you have to include it at <icinga2dir>/icinga2.conf.

include_recursive “conf.d”

But note that under conf.d there are some basic and example configurations which you should check again if necessary.

Otherwise you can import selected files. For example:

include “conf.d/commands.conf”
include “conf.d/notifications.conf”
include “conf.d/templates.conf”

I hope I could help you.

Greetings from Germany

(Andre) #4


my icinga2.conf

Now I get this error, I am confused. Maybe there is a confusion with the director?