Not able to filter permissions by host custom variables

Hello every one.
I have host object like that:

object Host “demo” {
import “normal-host”
address = “”
groups = [ “IT” ]
vars.server = “linux”
However, I cannot use filter permission like:

It throws error:
Cannot apply restriction monitoring/filter/objects using the filter webdev. You can only use the following columns: instance_name, host_name, hostgroup_name, service_description, servicegroup_name, (host|service)
Could you give me a valid customvar_name in this case?
Thank you so much.

_host_variablename!=whatever is what works for me.
so _host_server=linux should do the trick for you

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I will try and feedback to you.
Many thanks.

Thank you! It worked.
another questions:
why I cannot use filter like monitoring/filter/objects = "(hostgroup_name=IT&&_host_server=windows)"
“And clause” not work.

Can’t say. either open a new topic for you new problem or open an issue on github: