No commands in the Director

(Andre) #1

Hi there,

thx to beeing here. I am new with Icinga2 and the director. I have a problem with the commands, I can’t see them (all empty). When I check the config I see that there are 215 ChecckCommands:

icinga2 daemon -C

[2019-08-02 10:20:33 +0000] information/ConfigItem: Instantiated 215 CheckCommands.

But in the Director there is empty:

I hope somebody can help me, thx :slight_smile:

(Roland Sommer) #2

You’ll find them at Extern

(Andre) #3

Yes I see them on Extern, but when I want to create a host-template there is no options for the check_commands

I watched a webinar and there they had the options for check_commands :worried:

(Roland Sommer) #4

A list will appear once you hit any key. If not you need to run the kick start wizard.

(Andre) #5

Oh thanks, now I see the list. The problem was that in the webinar it looks different. Maybe there was a other version