No active checks on satelite


we use a distributed monitoring with icinga. We have one master running on Ubuntu 16.04 with Icinga r2.10.2-1 and have some satellites running on Ubuntu 18.04 with different Icinga 2.10 versions that are all running fine.

Now i rolled out a new satellite where Icinga version r2.11.0-1 was installed and got a problem.

Installing the satellite and icingaweb2 was no problem and is running. afterwards i ran the node wizard to connect the satellite with master as i have done it last some times. This also worked fine.

But when I add a host to check in director the configuration is pushed to the zones and zones-stage directory on the satellite but no checks are running and I can’t see the host in icingaweb2 running on the satellite.

Does anyone know about this issue and how to fix it?

You’re trying an unsupported setup, details can be found here.

Thanks. I upgraded master now. After that it works