New platform (work in progress)

(Michael Friedrich) #21

So, SSL rating is back to A :slight_smile:

(Michael Friedrich) #22

Small adoption - there is a difference between latest and new - the latter is your own view, while latest only refers to latest topics. Added that to the menu header.

(Michael Friedrich) #23

I‘ve raised the file upload limit to 3MB again, let‘s see if that is needed. I only experience that with high quality screenshots from icinga web 2 login theme bg images with resolutions greater than full HD, but still. The sensitive default was 3MB.

(Michael Friedrich) #24

Upload Extensions

I’ve enabled other extensions than images for file upload (thought this was the default). Please check whether some more a missing, and ensure to scan attachments for virus after downloading such. If one uploads a dangerous file, please flag the post and report it!


Icinga2 2.8.0 mysql database size issue
(Thomas Widhalm) #25

If this is extensions and not MIME-types, please consider using .tgz .tar.bz2 .asc .conf as extensions.

(Michael Friedrich) #26

Thanks, done :+1:

(Michael Friedrich) #27

I’ve shared more details from this setup in this blog post :slight_smile:

(Michael Friedrich) #28

FAQ and Archive in the header menu

While looking into a possible header menu extension, I’ve evaluated many things.

  • a header above the menu eats at least 15px, and looks (imho) weird. I like it simple.
  • a header with a drop down menu needs overlay handling. this isn’t upgrade safe if newer Discourse versions change css again.
  • using text inside the the menu doesn’t fit the layout, e.g. “Home”, “FAQ” next to the icons for search and the hamburger menu.
  • text always has more width, and needs to be hidden on mobile views
  • a menu below the header with urls is always on top. Doesn’t look so good imho.

Then I’ve read about just icons, similar to how search and the hamburger menu work.

I’ve found this thread which explains this in detail:

This solution has some advantages:

  • no extra CSS needed
  • the icons for FAQ and Archive fit the current layout and design
  • it is just Javascript executed by the client for rendering
  • it uses Font Awesome for icons, no extra loaded resources as binary images
  • you can keep the icons in mobile views. No need to fiddle with screen sizes and “hide something” then.
  • if upgrades break it, the icons are just gone and the layout is not affected by this JS renderer (meaning to say, should be easy to fix then)

This is put into the </head> section:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.4">
api.decorateWidget('header-icons:before', helper => {
    return [
        helper.h('li', [
            helper.h('a#question-circle.icon', {
                href: '/faq',
                title: 'FAQ'
            }, helper.h('i.fa.fa-question-circle.question-circle-icon.d-icon')),
        helper.h('li', [
            helper.h('a#archive-button.icon', {
                href: '/woltlab/index.php?board-list/',
                target: '_blank',
                title: 'Archive'
            }, helper.h('i.fa.fa-archive.archive-button-icon.d-icon')),

Hope you like it :slight_smile:



More prominent link to the old archived forum
(Michael Friedrich) #29

Moderated first user post

In some cases, Discourse may detect that you’re “typing too fast”. This is a built-in bot detection, or for those users who just copy-paste things (which normally is spam or other redundant content).

These posts are moderated, and staff needs to approve such.

(Michael Friedrich) #30

In case you are coming from the same IP address, there was a limit of 3 for new user registrations. Raised that to 50 for now, as this probably affects companies more often.


Tried to upload a ~1MB .txt file yestarday and it failed, saying the size must not exceed 3072kb.
Packaged the .txt in a .zip and was able to upload.

Same thing just happened testing with a 2490kb .csv file.

All done using the Upload button image

(Michael Friedrich) #32

Please be so kind and put this into #site-feedback where I collect the ongoing user tasks and questions.

(Michael Friedrich) #33

Updated the FAQ a bit with more hints on Markdown and so own.

(Matthew Brooks) #34

Impressive work as always @dnsmichi The old site made me want to cry so I avoided it, this one looks like fun! :smiley: