Needs help with scaling of SNMP-Traffic-Sensor


I monitor our Firewall wit the check_snmp_interface plugin:

/usr/lib64/nagios/plugins/check_snmp_interface’ ‘-H’ ‘XX.XX.XX.254’ ‘–snmpversion’ ‘3’ ‘–authprotocol’ ‘XXX’ ‘–privproto’ ‘XXX’ ‘–username’ ‘XXX’ ‘–authpassword’ ‘XXX’ ‘–privpass’ ‘XXX’ ‘-u’ ‘Mbps’ ‘-i’ ‘eth0’ ‘–autoconvert’ ‘-w’ ‘80,80’ ‘-c’ ‘90,90’ ‘–suppressunit’

In our company we installed icinga2, icingaweb2, carbon and graphite for display the check results. So, I create a new template for graphite:

check_command = "check_snmp_interface"

bpsin = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.$interface$.$interface$_in_bps.value"
bpsout = "$service_name_template$.perfdata.$interface$.$interface$_out_bps.value"

min = "0"
title = "Interface $interface$ Traffic"
lineWidth = "2"
yUnitSystem = "si"

bpsin = "alias(color($metric$, '#1a7dd7'), 'Traffic in (B/s)')"
bpsout = "alias(color($metric$, '#0b3c68'), 'Traffic out (B/s)')"

When I reload the site, i can see, that the template is used, but i have no idea, how i can change the Y-Scaling from Octets to MByte/s. I Read, that the parameter yUnitSystem change the scaling, but i didn’t find example for scaling.

Ho can I change the Unit of the Y-Unit from Octets to MBit/s?

Thank you!