Need help creating Custom Dashboard


Hi running Check_MK 1.5.0p22

and pretty new at this want to create a custom dashboard with these info

Anyone who could guide me with this…thanks a lot …a video guide would be nice.

(Philipp Näther) #2
This was wrong

As far as I know you can not use services as columns in a view. At least in the RAW version I believe this does not work.

First you clone an existing view e.g. “All Hosts” via the “Edit View” button on top when you opened the view.
Then go to “columns” section and delete all columns but the one that contains the “hosts: host name” value.
Then add 4 new columns of the type “joined column”.
For “Column:” you want “Service: Output of check plugin”.
“Of service” you enter the exact service description of the service you want to display (e.g. CPU utilization).
Do that for all the joined columns.
After that you go to the filter section and filter only for the servers you want to be displayed in this view.
Save the clone (you should enter a different unique id and title at the top of the editing screen) and then it should be available in the hosts section in your sidebar.

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its possible to use RegEx in “Of Service”-Field ?
I tried with .* it doesnt work, and I put tilde ~ in front of it, it still doesnt work, any idea ?

thanks for your help again…

(Philipp Näther) #4

I do not think it is possible (and even viable) to use regex there because you only want exactly one service to be displayed in the particular joined column.

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thanks for your answer @TheLucKy
thats right, but I have services e.g. which have the hostname in the check output:

and here I cannot write all of them down…

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But you do not search for the check output but for the service name.

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you are right, sorry it was my mistake, I add that to the service name :frowning: