NCPA: issue with "reverse" threshold values


Using NCPA (Nagios Cross-Platform Agent) on some servers I have an issue with “reverse” thresholds (WARNING > CRITICAL).
I’m checking the available memory on Windoze boxes like this:

box>    .../ -H <IP> -t <token> -P <port> -M 'windowscounters/4/24' -w 30000000 -c 20000000

box>    CRITICAL: \4\24 was 5104578560.00 24 | '\4\24'=5104578560.0024;30000000;20000000;

\4\24” are the numerical values for “\Memory\Available Bytes” to be independant of localisation issues.
I’d say that “5.104.578.560” is way higher than “30.000.000” so “CRITICAL” is wrong.

(Michael Friedrich) #2

That’s the software addon with the license which forbids you to use it in conjunction with Icinga or any other monitoring tool. I would refrain from using it for legal reasons.


I had the notion of an Open Source product so I didn’t take a closer look at the legal things.
Thanks for pointing me to this document…