Nagvis Worldmap Zoom Issue

(Gavin Hill) #1

When I add my hosts to a Nagvis worldmap they are only visible at low zoom levels. As soon as I zoom in they vanish.

(Michael Friedrich) #2


can you please share a little more details about your NagVis versions, installation, distribution and how to reliably reproduce the issue? E.g. by adding some screenshots.


(Luis Schneeberger) #3

Hi Michael.
I have the same issue. I’m using Nagvis with Geographical interactive maps and having problems when zooming like show you in the attatch file.
But if I move the object to the north en the map (ie. USA) I can zoom till the top of zoom without problems. It works Ok in others countries but not in Argentina for example.
I dont undesrtand what is happend.
Using the demo objects it works fine too, then I tried to clon them but the problem is there again.
I have use Chrome, Firefox and IE and the problem was the same.
Please see the attatched files
Regards, Luis

(Luis Schneeberger) #4

Errores zooming (75.1 KB)