Nagvis with Nagios 4 and live_1 backend

(Koala Bear) #1

Hi, I’m new to Nagios.
I’ve installed Nagios Core, mk livestatus (only livestatus, not check_mk), nagvis.
On Nagvis, I’ve created new map with live_1 backend, but on Nagvis map, when I point mouse cursor to one object, only object localhost show service information, for others, it shows “Problem (backend live_1), the object “xxxx” doesn’t exist (host)”
Could you help to fix it?
Thank you.


An old thread but anyway:

  • is the mklivestatus module configured in nagios.cfg?
  • is the socket live present at the configured location when Nagios is running?
  • are there any error messages in livestatus.log?
  • can you retrieve information on the command line using LQL?