Nagvis upgrade from 1.8.5 to 1.9.10 - problem attribute headerfade



I have a problem with the nagvis update to version 1.9.10.
I have the nagvis 1.8.5 (OS: centos 6.10) version and the update went well (in the console;))

The browser says that:

The attribute headerfade in section defaults in main configuration file is deprecated

In the file nagvis.ini.php, I change to headerfade = 0 and do not solve the problem.
What can you do?

(Carsten Köbke) #2

What happens if you comment out or delete that line?


When I comment, I have Error
Unknown value #headerfade used in section defaults in main configuration file.

If I remove the attribute, I have the following message:
Unknown value dbhost used in section backend_centreobroker in main configuration file

In the dbhost attribute, I have a localhost entry (nagvis and centreon are on the same host)


Problem solved.
The GlobalBackendcentreonbroker.php file was missing in the location / usr / local / nagvis / share / server / core / classes

Thank You