NagVIS | Shapes file limit?

(Ash) #1

Hi All,

Is anyone aware of a file limit for NagVis shapes or a related cache that can be cleared? I’ve currently got 107 files in my “/shapes” directory but around 20 do not show in the icon drop down list when modifying a shape object.

These can still be defined and appear however using the “>>>Specify Other” option and typing the filename.

Even if I empty the folder and add the just the 20 files that do not appear in the drop down list they still don’t show. Clearing the browser or changing browsers doesn’t seem to affect this.

Anyone came across a similar issue, its not too big of a deal typing the filename, just less convenient.



Just a guess: Are there any error messages in the web server logs complaining about memory limit exceeded? If so increasing the limit in php.ini (probably more than one file on the system).