[NagVis] Problem with the background color of lines that are different than "ok" state

(Dylan Brochet) #1


I’m configuring Nagvis 1.9.5 with Nagios Core 4.3.1 and I can’t change the color of lines type 15 (—BW–><–BW—) for the critical state for example.

I’ve already change the color based on the percent bandwith use but I want to set up the color when the summary state of the line is changing.

I tried to change the colors in nagvis.ini.php but it doesn’t work :


the link stays the same color as when it’s up.

(Dylan Brochet) #2

Like this error for exampl :

when a link goes wrong, I do not want it in orange, but in another color, like red for example. But I can not find where to fix it

Can anyone can help me please ?