Nagvis Hover Menu table cells dont show multiple lines




Im currently using check_commands that print out multiple lines of output. When I want to display the output information via the hovermenu I run into a problem: the default hover template displays only one line per cell. I tried reading into css/html but wasnt able to come up with a solution.


Thanks in advance for any tips! :slight_smile:


Looking at the documentation there is no variable containing the “long output” of an object.


Thankes for the Reply! So you think theres no way to make nagvis print out the rest of the output that comes after the first line break using the hover template html and css files? I wasnt aware that i would even need something like a long output. I thought it was a matter of formating to make nagvis show the rest of the output that got cut off.


Having a quick look at the source code I see no variable for that information.


Thank you anyway Wolfgang, Ill have to find another way (maybe changing the plugin Output)


The only way I could find to display multiple lines was to add html line breaks in the output.